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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Jeep Cherokee

Our Jeep has finally been made over…into Rudolph!

Before he got a makeover, he was in desperate need of a bath.  We spent some time the other day vacuuming and cleaning out the inside.

Thanks, Mr. Dan!

Dustin looking very excited...he loves to clean!

Me pretending to be excited...it was COLD!

I swear I helped with more than this section of the car!

Then we headed to Exxon and splurged on “The WORKS” …$8 well spent!

Here we go:

Wet the car down.

Soap it up.

Rinse it down.

Layer on a pretty multi-colored protectant.

Final rinse and dry.

We got home, whipped out our Rudolph-in-a-bag, and put it on!

Pretty snazzy-looking for a 15 year old car, huh?  And 15 car years is like, what, 100 human years?

Obviously, we have fun with the most simple things in life.  Next time you have to do something that seems mundane, try to have fun with it!  You’ll really start to appreciate what you have by doing this!


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