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How do you WASA? Cream cheese, please!

This is a pretty random post, but I just wanted to be able to say hi!  We are still alive and getting ready to document some Christmas decorating.  This will be our second time around!  Woo!

I also wanted to post some love for WASA crackers.  I’ve seen them around plenty of times before in blogs, but never really thought to check them out.  Well today, they literally jumped out from the bottom shelf begging us to take them home!  Dustin wanted me to be sure that everyone knew how much he loved them, as well.  He loved them so much he made a cream cheese sandwich with them right after we ate.

Crisp, light, and approved by “The Best Life”?! Count me in!

Mmmm.  Looking at them makes me want round 2.

Here are some fun WASA facts from their website:

– Their crackers have 2g of fiber  and 8g whole grains per serving (3 bread crackers) and 20 calories per piece

– They are the world’s largest producer of crispbread

– Swedes eat more crispbread than any other people in the world

– The name “Wasa” has its roots in an old Swedish word, vase, which means sheaf.  See the cool crown-sheaf logo?

– The company has been appointed purveyor of crispbread to His Majesty the King of Sweden (makes me feel like royalty!)

– Founded in 1919!! Love companies that withstand the changes over time!

With the WASA crackers, Dustin and I had some soup:

Hi Nutmeg! That's one of our cats! Dustin's buddy 🙂

Pacific soups are delish!  I’m especially a fan of the Creamy Tomato.  To be honest, it’s the only one I’ve had! If anyone has tried some others, let me know because I love soup.

Dress it up in a Snowman bowl and add some MOZZARELLA!

Salad, half grilled cheese, and WASA with cream cheese:

Mixed greens, cucumber, carrot, almond slices

The salad was sprinkled with these bad boys:


They are beautiful aren’t they?  I love the crunch chia seeds add to the salad.  They’re so tiny too, which makes it easy to sneak them into many dishes.  😉

And drizzled with a little bit of this:

Brianna's "The New American" Dressing w/ balsamic vinegar

I think the soup/salad/sandwich combo is one of my favorite meals.  It’s super quick and easy to make, tastes delicious, and contains a good balance of healthy nutrients!

Plus, when you make it at home, you can actually have all three!  Rather than the typical soup/sandwich, sandwich/salad, or soup/salad combos.  Best of all three worlds if you ask me!


Question of the day: How do you WASA?!  Or what is your favorite type of spread to have with any kind of cracker?

My favorite spreads are by far hummus and cream cheese (not together).  I could live off either one if they had every nutritional ingredient to sustain me.



5 Responses

  1. I love the Crisp’n Lights and the Multigrain, I like the Multigrain ones with Peanut Butter and the Crisp’n Lights with Low Fat Pimento Cheese, I do live in the south after all! 🙂

  2. Pimento cheese is awesome! I’m from the north, so my first time ever having it was down here in Texas. I’m going to have replace Fritos with WASA now whenever I have it again.

  3. I’ll have to try those, I have never heard of them before but I love crackers with every dip imaginable!

  4. Trace, we had soup and salad today too! Weird……same soup and everything. Definitely going to try out those crackers!

    Ps. you guys are great little chefs everything always looks 5 star dining worthy!

  5. I eat them with peanut butter and chopped walnuts on top. They are crunchy, delicious, and filling . I always have something to help wash it down because they can get a little dry . They go good with coffee.
    I like the multi-grain the best. It reminds me of the ones I ate as a kid in the 1950’s.

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