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Chocolate Heaven in a Cup

Good afternoon, world!   It has been a crazy day over here.  This morning we woke up late and realized it was because our power had gone out!  I knew it seemed like I got way too much sleep.

We actually had a breakfast post planned, but unfortunately were not able to cook anything or get online.  We decided to head to a local Cafe, called Star Co., where we ordered a nice lunch and utilized the internet.

Star Co. is a cute little cafe that serves Fair Trade coffee and organic food.  They have wraps, salads, sandwiches, mini-pizzas, pastries, brewed coffee, and specialty coffee drinks.  Every time we go, we always leave super satisfied.

Today, we each ordered a half sandwich/soup combo.  Guess we can’t get enough of it!  The Boar’s Head turkey sandwich was served on toasted bread with organic lettuce, tomato, and Swiss cheese.  We also got to choose from various types of pesto and made the decision to get Asiago cheese pesto.  Large pickle on the side! SO good!


For my soup, I ordered a classic chicken and rice:


Dustin decided on the more MANLY option of turkey chili:


Both were AMAZING!

They also came with a side of chips:


Gourmet chocolate:


Since we were a little stressed out with the electricity situation, we decided to go all out and order this chocolate/vanilla/caramel heaven in a cup.  The star of the show:


Before we even took our first sip, the owner of the cafe brought us over a second drink:

DSCN2291 Apparently, the first one came out a bit more liquid-y than normal, but we probably wouldn’t have noticed.  How nice are they for just giving us an extra one, though?! Such great customer service.

We drank about 1.5 of the frappe, and I ate about 3/4 of my meal and gave Dustin the rest.  Tends to work out that away a lot.  He is six feet and I’m 5’ 4”!

Check out some snapshots of the cafe:


Electricity is now back on!  I guess this means we can put up a dinner post, instead!


4 Responses

  1. This place looks amazing, where is it?

  2. First, I really enjoy what you both are writing and the other blogs you have linked to. It’s refreshing to see people with hope. The negativity up here is unreal.

    Second, I can’t believe you all have Zapp’s down there!!! They are absolutely the most delicious chips ever. My old boss used to order them by the box and have them shipped to MA for us to enjoy. Anyway, I look forward to more bloggage and if I don’t talk to you, have an amazing Christmas!

    • I’m glad you like it! We’ve been reading blogs like this for a while, and listening to other people’s stories made me so motivated to start our own. Plus, it’s a pretty sweet scrapbook to look back on as time goes by.

      Zapp’s are awesome! They are seriously packed to the max with flavor. That’s so funny your boss actually had them shipped there. LOL

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