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Meet Your Modern Day Griswolds

This was our second attempt at decorating for Christmas this year.  After a long and crazy few weeks, we finally had the time to get our tree up.  Thanks to Craigslist we now have the perfect tree! $15 for a 7.5 foot artificial Canadian Pine tree!


Here I go putting up lights on the lower level.  This was a lot of work.


Can you believe how tall this tree is?!  I am 6ft tall myself, so you can imagine how I feel standing beside this seven and half foot tree in an apartment.


After many trial and errors, we finally came up with this marvelous looking tree!


Midway through decorating, we realized we didn’t have everything we needed.  So of course that called for a trip to Walmart to  get some more Christmas decorations.  What can I say, we love this time of year!

DSCN2083 DSCN2086


We also picked up these four candles for one dollar each.  Take that, $2.25 Glade candles!


Look what Tracy did with a few candles and the snowman salt and pepper shakers.


Here is a snowman cookie jar that we won at my father’s Christmas party.  Make a wish!  Let’s just say this cookie jar is the only gift from the party that we can post on our G-rated blog.  Good ole White Elephant gag gifts! 😉


Penguin and snowman straws.  It can’t get any better than this.

As you can see we love to play darts!  Merry Christmas!  There is nothing better than a fresh espresso shot in a penguin glass. Or cat glass.  Or snowman glass.

DSCN2199 DSCN2201 DSCN2210 DSCN2213

For under $15 you can make a beautiful wreath just like this.  Thanks Tracy for your wonderful creativity.


Here our some of the ornaments that we have been collecting since we’ve been together.  Notice a trend?

DSCN2115 DSCN2129 DSCN2127

Yummy!  When Tracy told me about Soy Eggnog I was so excited.  I recommend this over diary eggnog.  (Only 90 calories per. serving!!)


Look at this fine looking cat!  My buddy!  (Nutmeg)


And yes, we are THAT couple!  Hellooooo Griswalds #2! 🙂

DSCN2185 DSCN2181


Question of the day: Do you go all out decorating for Christmas? If you have a blog with pictures of your decorations, send us a link!  We’d love to see how other people celebrate!



2 Responses

  1. What a good blog you have here. I am a massive fan of the festive season and with a little more free time I love to browse the internet. I have bookmarked your site and plan on coming back again soon. In times past we would kill time and expand our knowledge by reading the daily newspapers, nowadays I would encourage everyone to read random blog posts each day and gain a personal insight into unique subjects and fascinating ramblings. Keep up your great blog posts.

  2. AHHHHHH I LOVE christmas decorations. I always make wreaths to give away as gifts! So fun & affordable, and I love being able to customize. I am completely jealous of the AWESOME mug collection you guys have 🙂

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