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Welcome to the blog of Tracy and Dustin!  After countless months reading the blogs of inspiring people, we decided we wanted to create a space where we could share ourselves with the world.  We also wanted a way to document some of our daily adventures for family members and friends whom we don’t get to see quite often enough.

After driving ourselves crazy trying to come up with the perfect themes and topics, we decided to just get started.  We could have spent the next few years brainstorming!  What we opted for was a blog that included a little bit of everything.  Food, fitness, healthy habits, inspiration, travel, home projects, and the random events that make up our lives.  It may seem random and scatter-brained in the beginning, but our hope is that as time goes on, a common theme will start to arise.

BRIEF bio:

Tracy comes from the great state of Massachusetts.   She’s always had a passion for cooking, volunteering, animals, and research.   In the summer of 2006, her family moved to Texas and not long after she decided to transfer schools and live down here as well.  Must have been fate.

Dustin is a native Texan complete with the Southern boy hospitality.  He is an amazing guitarist, having been developing his skills since the tender age of 9.  He’s always had a knack for cooking amazing meals  and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

We met online and have been together for the past 2.5 years.  Actually, we are currently engaged!  You can call it love at first sight; it happened so fast!  But when you know, you know!  The past few years have been a rollercoaster, for sure.  Between starting our own mobile guitar lesson business to going to school full-time to trying to create healthy habits to last a lifetime, our life has been pretty hectic and non-stop since day one.

It was all for the best.  We wholeheartedly  enjoy our life together (with our crazy cats).  We’re hoping this blog will become a place for us to meet others who share our passions and to create a community of positive, inspiring people.

Occasionally, we’ll dedicate blog entries to telling you more about who we are, our likes and dislikes, and our crazy dreams.  We’ll link to them all from this page.

Follow us along our journey towards creating the life of our dreams.

Please feel free to leave us feedback, give us advice, or just say hello!  We look forward to the new relationships we form from this online adventure.


10 Responses


    Love the Site and love ya too
    Your Big Sis and Future Sis-in-law

  2. you guys are really cute 🙂


  4. I just stumbled upon your website! How cute are you guys? If you are ever up in NYC I would love to see you!

    And wondering, is Dustin a Baroness fan??

  5. Hi y’all!

    I stumbled across your blog through FoodBuzz. I was determined to find others in my area that were blogging about leading an active lifestyle and eating well. I saw a green monster in one of your posts and was like, “Yes! I’m not the only one in my area, drinking green monsters and blogging about it!” Ha ha!

    I’m glad I found your blog!

  6. Yay, I’m from MA too. And I met my boyfriend online….no ring yet but we’ve been living together for 7 months. Love finding other bloggers w/ stuff in common!

  7. Happy to have found your blog!

    • We’re excited we found yours too! Seems like we have a lot in common…Texas, yoga, running, good food! Can’t wait to follow you. 🙂

  8. Where will I discover extra details on this topic?

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